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We are a group of Whitstable residents working together to create, fund and deliver a Christmas related event in Whitstable for 2018 and beyond.
Twitter: @whitsparkles
Instagram: @whitsparkle
Facebook: @WeAreWhitsparkle

Talk of Tankerton

Local business group supporting and promoting the beautiful seaside town of Tankerton.


Whitstable District Chamber of Commerce

Whitstable district chamber of commerce

Founded in 1919 we are a non-political organisations committed to working with our members to improve the local economy and to create a thriving business community

For more information visit our website Whitstable chamber of commerce

canterbury city council

Council logo

CCC has provided assistance and funding to help organise and launch the campaign, design and build the website, and produce promotional materials for the project. CCC’s Business Support team is always happy to listen to suggestions, and we will do whatever we can to help the campaign succeed. We’re happy to provide training, help and advice for local start-ups and growing businesses – let us know what you need.
Contact us at: