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Waterman & Webb, Tankerton

While the basins remain dry and the chairs still, we find out what Tankerton hairdressers, Waterman & Webb have been doing during lockdown (a lot by the way!). While they await governments announcement of reopening, why not give them an #iPledge and support a great charity fundraiser they have for men’s mental health happening from February 22nd onwards?

Tell us a little bit about Waterman & Webb  

Waterman & Webb is a male lifestyle brand. Our main focus is on barbering but we also have our own hair and beard styling product range. We have also recently branched out into clothing. Waterman & Webb was born of myself, Oliver Waterman and Nicholas Webb in 2018 combining our experience in the male hair and fashion world. Between us, we have worked at some of the top salons in England and worked at all the major hair industry shows, as well as doing stints for Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and London Fashion Week. 

Why did you choose Tankerton to open your business?

We are both from Whitstable so when we decided to plant our flag in the ground and start our own brand, Tankerton was the best choice. Both our clienteles had grown in the local area and Tankerton was the centre point. Tankerton is ideal for a business like Waterman & Webb as there is plenty of parking close by to the premises, as well as other local coffee shops and brands that our customers can visit in a shortstop without having to park too far away.

What has kept you busy over lockdown?

We have been renovating the shop so this has taken some of our time, but we are also in the process of setting up our first academy. This has taken a lot of our time as we have been building courses and creating material. We have been supporting a few different charity initiatives. One we are supporting at the moment is called The Lions Barber Collective. They are a mental health charity which works within the barbershop environment. They teach barbers to talk to their customers on a deeper level to see if there are any signs of mental health issues. We are hosting an online FIFA 21 Playstation 4 tournament commencing the week 22nd February to raise funds for them – especially in these troubling times.  

What are you looking forward to most after lockdown?

We cannot wait to get back open. We have just gone through a renovation to get the Tankerton premises looking fresh and ready to welcome all customers back. There are so many plans that have been put on hold from the outbreak of the pandemic so we are looking forward to launching these. 

How will you keep your customers safe on their return?

We already have a good Covid safety response which we will carry on with until the government allow us to stop. We have taken multiple surveys since the pandemic started to make sure our customers are happy with our Covid response. We have a sanitation stand at our entrance as you walk in. We have always taken appointments since we opened in 2018 so that hasn’t changed for us, like many other salons. All staff wear the appropriate PPE when they’re cutting hair. All our gowns are steam cleaned between haircuts to make sure they are 100% sanitised and we also disinfect and sanitise all tools between haircuts.

How can your customers support you right now?

Any customers that want to support us at the moment can do some simple things such as follow our social media pages to keep up to date, share any of our social media posts on their social media and help us raise money for our FIFA tournament. 

If they would like to help us financially, our W&W Styling hair and beard product range is still available online on our website www.wwstyling.com 

You can also purchase gift cards on our website for future services when we reopen.