Flow & Co Hair

Mariano Ruiz – Flow & Co Hair
Hands up whose hair is showing signs of lockdown locks and are counting down the days
until they see their hairdresser again? Hairdressers have never felt so appreciated and
rightly so. We would love you to make a public #iPledge for your hairdresser to let them
know you can’t wait to see them again. In the meantime, while his scissors remain still, we
catch up with Mariano from Flow & Co hair, Whitstable.
Tell us a little bit about Flow & Co Hair.
Flow & Co is the beautiful boutique hair salon in the heart of Whitstable.
Our mission is to offer fabulous hairdressing, glamorous results and the friendliest service, all
wrapped up in a comfortable, stylish setting.
For us, every customer is special and so every hairdressing service is especially tailored to
what the customer wants. We listen and we deliver. We are very proud of our team of experts
as everyone is so different and creative when it comes to hair.
Why did you choose Whitstable to open your business
I loved Whitstable from the first moment. It was a love crush. At the time I was
teaching hairdressing for Estee Lauder and travelling around the UK and Europe. I was
preparing myself to start with their global team, but after a short holiday in Whitstable an
unexpected opportunity arose and I couldn’t resist the idea of living by the sea,
alongside having a wonderful team and doing what I love the most – hair!
What has kept you busy over lockdown?
After years working between Paris and Whitstable, I’ve just launched our very own haircare
range SHEWOLF; an exciting project that me and the team have been working tirelessly on with
the help of our customers. The quality products have been obsessively tested and are full of
the most delicious fragrances.  It was the perfect time to bring some joy and happiness during
the current situation on top of delivering fabulous hair! You can follow us @shewolfhaircare
What are you looking forward to most after lockdown?
I am looking forward to seeing our high street back to normal: our locals on the streets:going to our favourite restaurants and most of all seeing people around safely socialising
How will you keep your customers safe on their return?
Way back in July we prepared the salon with all the social distance measurements such as 2
metres distanced stations, dividers in between sections and backwashes and we split the team
into two. They have been phenomenal, keeping our very high standards while working endless
hours in full gear with all the PPE required. We feel the love and appreciation from our clients
as everyone feels safe, our clients and our team. We can’t wait to have all the team reunited
and see our wonderful customers.
How can customers support you right now?
The best way to support our business and our team is by purchasing haircare products from SHEWOLF and vouchers to be redeemed towards future appointments. This time round has been incredibly hard and every little help as a small business is much appreciated. It breaks my heart seeing shops closing down as your life and soul is in every single corner of your shop.