Marina Boutique

When you’ve shed your lockdown layers (fluffy socks, comfy leggings and jumpers) where will you be heading to step back into normality and dressed for the occasion? We talk to Susie Swetman from Marina, a fashion fboutique on Harbour Street about what she has been up to during Lockdown and what she is looking forward to the most when the high streets reopen safely.

Tell us about Marina
I opened Marina boutique twelve years ago. I have always been into fashion since I was a teenager and loved BIBA in London. I loved the glamour of that era. I’ve based Marina on Biba and glamour. I Introduced Marina men three years ago which Joe Kelly runs. Joe is our local DJ so we have the fashion the music and the combination works well.

Why Whitstable?
I chose Harbour street Whitstable as it seemed the best place for Marina, quirky and original.

What has kept you busy during lockdown?
I have been keeping busy taking pics of stock and putting on social media. Popping in the shop to do some cleaning and generally checking on everything. On the boring side my house is now spotless and I have been walking every day.

What are you looking forward to most after lockdown?

I’m looking forward to seeing my customers some I’ve known since the beginning and also getting back into a routine again.

How will you keep customers safe on their return?
I will need to keep customers safe and myself too. They will have to wear masks and social distance. we will only let two in at a time so not too many people in at one time.

How can customers support you right now?
Customers could support us by checking Joe’s and my social media and website –