Great news for Nomad Pizza!

Whitstable’s new independent business, Nomad Pizza, has been shortlisted for the Pizza and Pasta Association Best Independent Delivery Award 2020 for the prestigious PAPA Industry Awards, recognising the best pizza in the UK.

Owners, Vicki and Jon say the key to their success is making their dough daily with organic flour as well as using fresh local produce such as Kent cheeses and meat from local butchers. They value employing local staff and continuously seek to support local charities and collaborate with local businesses. The company name is based on the idea that Vicki and Jon’s pizza journey has been on from coast to coast, and equally celebrates their shared love of travel.

After moving to Kent from Cornwall, the pair have sustained their mantra of “good food not fast food” by replicating their unique product in the Garden of England. To pay tribute to their new location, Jon and Vicky have named each pizza after an apple. For example, ‘Rambo’,
‘Scrumptious’, ‘Red Devil,’ and ‘Tiddly’ for their smallest pizzas after the smallest of apples –
the ‘Tiddly Pomme’.

Since opening in August, the company has gone from strength to strength. Jon says he is
incredibly grateful to the local community for their support and crowd funding to get the
business up and running. He says: “I am absolutely thrilled that in three months of opening a business we have been short listed for such a prestigious award”.

Jon admits he took a gamble opening in the middle of a pandemic but the risk certainly paid
off. He also adds that he could not have done it without the help of his amazing team and
champions that “You can do anything you put your mind too”. The results for the awards